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Women Jealous as Rich City Lawyer Steve Ogolla Proposes to Lover, Enjoys Flight With Her

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Flashy Nairobi-based lawyer Steve Ogolla has popped the big question to his girlfriend and this news is not sitting well with some Kenyan women.

The lawyer fired up the web this evening after posting beautiful photos of himself and his fiancée and they looked very happy.

In one of the photos, the lucky lady was seen planting a kiss on his cheek as they stood next to his brand new car, a Toyota Prado TX.

In another, the cute lady was pulling a pink suitcase at an airport after her man bought air tickets for their flight to an unknown destination.

“It was a beautiful day,” Ogolla wrote.

Love was written all over the photos and many netizens reckoned that he’s a romantic man.

However, some women were disappointed because Ogolla is a complete package. He is tall, dark, handsome, and above all, cash-rich.

Only a few women congratulated him, perhaps because of jealousy. Some even admitted that they were heartbroken as their favourite lawyer was now off the market.

Women also challenged Kenyan men to emulate Ogolla by displaying grand romantic gestures to their lovers.

Let me paint for you what the comments section looked like.

Ann Wambo: “We are sorry!”

Sydney Keari: “Women should accept this outcome and congratulate you.”

Gloria Moraa: “We have let you enjoy.”

Shem Joshua: “Congratulations! Wakili is about to mount an earthquake.”

Kavi Karuga: “Congratulations my dear friend, wishing you nothing but happiness. Let us allow you to enjoy.”

Victor Ondieki: “You have found a good thing, the Bible says.”

If you don’t remember, a few ago Ogolla lost several hundreds of thousands of shillings after being conned by a con woman in the name of love.

Interestingly, he did not complain, but only said that matter was water under the bridge.

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