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Would You Strive to be Virtuous if There Was no Heaven or Hell?

by litfeed
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By George Kimando

A while ago, I interviewed a distinguished gentleman from Ghana, Koffi. No, not the late former UN Secretary General, but Koffi all the same.

This Koffi has a very interesting history.

A polygamist with four wives – married before his conversion to Christianity – he always had something for the church. He has put up a magnificent cathedral and several churches with his own resources.

Yes, he is a very wealthy man.

But more of his work is in charity.

With several academic institutions and sponsorship programmes, he has initiated and funds, the men and women he has made out of orphans and disadvantaged children are living testimony of a man who has clearly put his wealth where his heart and after-life are.

The same goes for the health programmes he has spearheaded to serve the same people.

In short, if Jesus Christ was still around in His physical form, he’d encourage people to be like Koffi.

The reason I have focused on his involvement with the church and charity is because of what he did about the two later.

He quit the church. Why, despite of his love for it?

Because a latter-day bishop declared that he couldn’t continue being that central in matters of the church while he was a polygamist. Since he couldn’t choose among his four wives with whom to do a ‘white’ wedding, he chose to quit altogether.

His charity work, though, increased and perhaps with more focus.

The gem of this interview came in his summary when I asked him how that affected his faith.

Young man, he told me in his measured voice, I do not know for a fact if heaven and hell exist. I do not even know for a fact if God and Satan are real. But I know there is Good and Evil because i have seen and experienced both. And I chose to do good, because it’s the right thing to do. I don’t have to be attending church to do what is good and right. If God is there and I meet Him when I die, i would confidently account for the good I think i did when I was in this life. Even if He is not there and there is no heaven, I would still be content with what i did when I lived; I’d still do it.

I will repeat that last line because it was – still is – the most profound lesson I took from Koffi:

“Even if He (God) is not there, and there is no heaven, I would still be content with what I did when I lived; I’d still do it.”

Now, that’s a faith born of conviction, and a challenge for you and I today.

What defines and motivates my actions, right from my thoughts?

I believe in God. But even if He was not there, and there was no heaven to look forward to, would I still do good because it’s the right thing to do?

Have a Koffi-like Sunday, and a great week ahead!

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