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Wow! Former ‘Papa Shirandula’ Actress Awinja’s Son Growing Fast (photos)

by Esther M.
2 mins read

Former Papa Shirandula actresss Awinja, whose real name is Jacky Vike, is a proud mother of a cute son.

The actress is over the moon as her son is celebrating his 4th birthday today.

And boy is growing so fast.

“Yoo guys, my son, Mosi, just turned 4!” wrote the proud mother on her IG page.

Awinja called upon her fans to help her celebrate the boy, as she promised to read out all the wishes to him.

“Y’all help me wish him a happy birthday and I promise nitamsomea zote one by one,” she promised.

The fashionable young mother was so grateful to God for helping them this far.

“We thank God for how far we’ve come, we are grateful.”

And the boy, it was evident, is a lover of the Spider-Man cartoon.

His mother explained that he has so much of his stuff as Spider-Man.

“And, yes, he loves Spider-Man, yani everything in this house inakuanga tu Spider-Man this and hadi akona sahani ya Spider-Man, Alafu in no time kataniambia Spider-Man ni vitu za watoto😅”, revealed the happy mother.

Awinja tries so hard to keep her son off social media but when need be she parades him.

Her son was only unveiled to her fans during his first birthday.

She had an interesting message as she revealed his name as Mosi.

“A day like today, after eight hours of labour (uuuuwi!!) God blessed me with our son, a gift that changed my life. I have learnt patience, sacrifice, priorities, forgiveness and appreciation of life in so many ways. He has made me become closer to God. And I thank the most high for his guidance through this motherhood journey Happy birthday, Mosi. I love you so much!” Awinja wrote.

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