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Yesu Wa Tongaren Whereabouts Unknown as Kenyans Plot to Crucify Him on Good Friday

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Kenyans have not heard from Eliud Simiyu, a Bungoma man claiming to be the real Jesus Christ, for days now and the internet is on fire.

As the Easter holiday begins tomorrow, folks on social media want to hear from the self-proclaimed Yesu wa Tongoren or Bungoma Jesus.

However, Yesu wa Tongoren could be hiding somewhere after Kenyans threatened to crucify him on the cross like the real Jesus Christ.

Those who suspect his teachings and the title he has given himself argue that this is the best time – when the world is celebrating the death and resurrection of the original Jesus Christ – to hold Yesu wa Tongoren to account.

They say the question of whether he is the real Jesus Christ or not should be settled once and for all and the only method to achieve that is crucifying him. His ability to resurrect after three days will give him credibility, they insist.

This debate has been ongoing for months now, with Yesu wa Tongoren condemning the plotters. He says he was crucified long time ago and should not pay the price again.

A few weeks ago, he told the media that God will confuse those seeking to harm him.

However, it is thought Yesu wa Tongoren is in a hideout, ostensibly to escape any attempts to attack him, barely hours to the Good Friday.

Kenyans are having a field day on social media networks, making jokes and daring Yesu wa Tongoren to accept the challenge of crucifying him.


Laagat Dube: “Eliud Wekesa, commonly known as Yesu Wa Tongaren, will reportedly camp in a police station for the weekend over fears of being crucified. He will resume his normal preaching activities & performing miracles on Wednesday. Yesu power.”

Vera Nyasuba: “The hour has come when the son of man must fulfil the scriptures.”

Monica Onjugu: “We already have the 2 thieves, who will be Judas?”

Abigael Luvisia: “His own suffering and crucifixion is where that Tongaren Jesus draws the line otherwise he would have had a long weekend.”

Timothy Wanyama: “This man should be ignored as if we continue to focus on him God might punish us for there is only one Jesus Christ who is our Emmanuel.”

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