Of the three daughters of controversial musician-cum-businesswoman Akothee, Veshashillan Okello, is the coolest one whom the mother admires.

Vesh, the firstborn of the self-proclaimed president of single mothers, is usually very low-key when it comes to social media drama.

She is greatly loved and adored by her celebrity mother and today, 11th June, being her birthday, her mother showered her with praise.

Akothee, real name Esther Akoth, said that as the first fruit of her womb, Vesh put a mark on her life that can never be erased.

“Happy [email protected]! Every time I feel like taking back my past, deleting my past, and forgetting it all 🤔, starting life as a clean responsible girl! I remember I have life marks, the eternal marks that can never be rubbed, not even with time. You placed a mark on my womb, my heart and my entire life 💪 I don’t regret one day of my life because you are on each and every chapter of my life my love 💋.”

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The single mother of five proudly referred to her daughter as her role model in how she handles the trouble on social media with a lot of wisdom.

“If role models are available, then you are my ONE. How comes the internet/celebrities have never changed your way of living? How come I don’t hear you say I messed up because I followed so and so,” she posed.

“Tell your fellow agemates to concentrate on their lives and leave the internet alone. Nobody is posting their weaknesses, failures & life’s frustrations online! Follow celebrities for fun. Never compare your life with things you see on social media, never be carried away with relationship hypes you see on social media, kwa ground life is hard🔒. Concentrate on your life,” he advised.

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Vesh graduated from Strathmore University towards the end of last year.

As usual, she had some words of wisdom to say to her daughter.

“I have put wisdom/knowledge in you. You don’t go to school to get employed💪, You go to school to earn wisdom & knowledge & learn some manners, and know how to relate with people. It’s not the degree that you carry around that will earn you a living, it’s what you do with the degree that will earn you both respect, opportunities, and employment💪.”

Akothee was so proud of how her daughter conducted herself through her four-year course, saying she didn’t give her a hard time.

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“I thank God for the beautiful memories of your schooling 🙏🏻. Many parents have sent money for graduation gowns, only to realise ,Dem idiot was not even in school 🙏🏻How lucky am I to have you as a responsible daughter ,daughter 🙏🏻”

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