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‘You Deserve This,’ Grateful Man Gifts His Dad Brand New Car

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read
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It is the dream of every person to make parents proud and take care of them in old age.

A man has demonstrated how all should honour their parents when they become prosperous in life.

Paul Waihenya recently wowed Kenyans after taking a special reward to his father as a token of appreciation.

The businessman gifted his dad the new model X-Trail Nissan car.

Waihenya told the world how his father worked hard to put food on the table and ensure his children went to school.

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He revealed that his father was a milk vendor and did everything to make sure his offspring did not lack basic needs.

“Dad, you toiled vending milk using a black Mamba bicycle, pushing and pulling it over 50km in a day just to make sure we ate, were clothed, in good health, education, etc. You valued your bike so much that if any of us would lay hands on it, thunder would befall on him.

“You disposed of your valued bicycle to clear my secind-year university fees. Now that you are ageing gracefully, you need a more comfortable mode of transport. Nissan X-Trail will do you justice. Be taking mum out on weekends for nyama choma, as she still has all her 32 teeth.”

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The entrepreneur also praised his mother, saying she had always complemented efforts made by her husband to make ends meet.

“She worked hard to complement what dad offered. This joy I won’t hide. May God bless you with many years of good health and wealth.”

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“Papa and mama, you deserve this. Glory to God for the gift of parents.”

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