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Zimbabwean Slay Queen in Kenya to Meet New Lover Loses Scads of Money

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

A Zimbabwean socialite who flew to Kenya to meet a new lover will have a story to tell for the rest of her life after being taken through the torturous “Kenya Institute of Character Development (KICD)”.

Angelica Sandie left her country for Kenya on June 13.

She was looking forward to having some good time with her lover, Alfred Bangura, whom she had met online.

What she did not know is that Bangura is a con man.

The lovebirds were on their way to Mombasa when they were carjacked.

The robbers ransacked their car and stole everything, including clothes and scads of cash estimated to be Ksh29.4 million.

According to Sandie, Bangura, who is a drug dealer. was shot several times by the attackers.

After losing everything she had, the Tiktoker was stranded in Kenya for days. The only thing she was thankful for is that she had put her passport in the pocket and not in the suitcases that were stolen.

A video of her appealing for help at the Zimbabwean Embassy in Nairobi went viral on social media.

Luckily, she got help after well-wishers raised money for her airfare.

After landing back in Zimbabwe, the socialite could not hide her joy.

“At last, I have arrived home. Thank you so much for your contributions guys. I have arrived home. Let me call my daughter, I’m sure she can’t wait to see mummy,” she said.

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